Why You Should Do The Mediator Release Food Sensitivity Test!

Join the revolution in Food Sensitivity testing with the Mediator Release Food Sensitivity Test! Food Sensitivities, affecting approximately 75% of the population, can be the root cause of many hidden inflammatory issues including:

Theory Health offers the revolutionary Mediator Release Food Sensitivity Test (MRT Food Sensitivity Test) to help you get to the root of what could be making you sick. Unlike the IgG antigen food sensitivity test, which only tests one immune pathway not correlated with inflammation, this cutting edge test measures proinflammatory mediator release from white blood cells (cytokines, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, etc.) that actually cause symptoms. MRT tests 170 different foods and food chemicals that could be making you sick .

The results I see with the Mediator Release Food Sensitivity Test are beyond incredible. I have seen no less than a 50% reduction in symptoms after 10 days! Truly mind blowing!

After you have the MRT test performed, your LEAP certified dietitian will construct a immunocalm dietary protocol, which will include only eating your least reactive foods for 10 days. After the first 10 days, you will slowly start to reintroduce new foods so we can pinpoint the exact foods that may be causing you issues. By eliminating and reintroducing methodically, we are able to calm your immune system down, reduce inflammation, and get you feeling your best!

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