"Casey has been a life saver. I have hormone/energy and digestive issues. I thought I would never feel good again. I've been taking the supplements she recommended and following her nutrition advice for 2 weeks. I already have my energy back and my digestive system is normal again. She has been there every step of the way and I would highly recommend Theory Health to anyone struggling to feel there best!”

Heather C. (Yelp)

"Casey is a fantastically knowledgeable nutritionist as well as an amazing and uplifting person to be around. I have been seriously battling fibromyalgia for almost 10 years. In just a couple of months, Casey had elevated me to another level of health. Her advice was instrumental in getting a piece of my life back and for that I will always be deeply grateful. Honestly, just talking to her weekly made me feel so encouraged and empowered, two things I hadn't felt about my health in a long time. Plus, she offers all these wonderful tests to help you really zero in on what your issues are and how to resolve them. I am saving up to do them and another round of consultations w Casey. I would recommend her to anyone!! Whether you are dealing with an autoimmune issue, hormone imbalance or you just want to lead a healthier life, Casey's knowledge and expertise will help guide you to achieve your goals.”

Alexis Y. (Yelp)

"Since I started seeing Casey at Theory Health over a year ago, she has consistently been in my corner advocating for my overall health, even when multiple specialist sent me home. I was actually ready to give up and live with my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis symptoms but Casey kept encouraging me. I’m so thankful for Casey’s support and knowledge. She genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to educate and equip you with tools that you can take with you to succeed on your health journey."

Kristen K. (facebook)

“Theory Health is amazing to work with. Casey has helped me so much with the way I eat and cook. Casey has so much knowledge in nutrition and with supplemental products. The app is so easy to use and it lets me see for myself what I'm putting in my body. Casey is always motivating and giving me advice on what I can substitute for a bad food I may be eating. Theory Health has definitely help me change the way I eat.”

Donnie C. (facebook)

“Unlike most dietitians now, Casey is also a SCIENTIST, and she offers amazing new technology which uses your genetics to guide your dietary needs. I have been doing her health app and I LOVE it, its super convenient and a really good way to meet your goals and have some professional guidance. Especially good for pregnancy!”

Danielle D. (facebook)

“Casey is a brilliant Dietitian and so much more! I just can't say enough about the positive results I have experienced since I started working with her. She incorporates science along with a holistic approach to her healthy Repair and Renew 10 day eating plan. I lost 8 lbs on the 10 day initial plan! I have so much energy and feel so much better off the sugar and incorporating healthy snacks throughout my day. I love this eating plan so much that I plan to make it part of my daily routine. I turn my food into her using an easy App & and receive feedback from her, which makes it easy to course correct food choices if needed. Thank you so much for your passion and dedication to your clients!”

Anita E. (facebook)

"Casey is really good at what she does. Not only is she informed on tons of the latest scientific studies behind nutrition, she is truly caring and will go above and beyond to make sure her clients are on the very best plan for their individual health. I did the LEAP food sensitivity test and it was one of the best choices I have made for my digestion. I learned of some major food sensitivities that I never would have guessed. For example, I am highly sensitive to coconut and it explains SO much! I was able to modify my life around this information and I have seen wonderful results in my digestion and inflammation. Now that I am armed with the knowledge, I can make smart decisions about my diet, beauty products, etc that help me feel better everyday. Knowledge truly is power.
For the first time ever I am not bloated. I can eat meals without worry of indigestion or nausea. Even my skin has cleared up! Casey provides support throughout the process and is such a delight to interact with."

Kassie H. (Yelp)

"I've been using the services of Theory Health for over 6 months. Casey has completely transformed my relationship with food to a focus of wellness and balance. With her guidance, I have embraced the mindset of intuitive eating. Theory Health has set me up for success by offering direct communication via an app on my iPhone. In addition, she has helped me through the process of genomic testing and built a meal plan based upon the results. I would recommend Casey and Theory Health to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change."

Kathy A. (Facebook)

"I've been working with Casey for 6 months and she has helped me with my hormone and digestive issues and helped me figure out that I was dealing with PCOS. Her approach to help me was getting to the root of these issues with supplements and healthy lifestyle changes. I have made so much progress not only for my health, but for my well being and quality of life. She has completely transformed my relationship with food and helped me understand my body and how to listen to it. I no longer struggle with digestive issues, weight gain and fatigue, which were the things that led me to Theory Health in the first place. If you are willing to commit to Casey's solutions, and trust the process, you will reap the benefits!"

Kimia M. (Facebook)

"Working with Casey at Theory Health these last few months has completely turned my health concerns around. After seeing various specialists for over 10 years, it has been such a relief to finally have these concerns addressed and feel as though I'm finally making my way towards a healthier me. The Healthie app system is super user friendly and makes documenting my meals a breeze! I love the suggestions she adds for me throughout the day! Our weekly video conference check-ins allow me to have all my questions and concerns addressed, although Casey also always encourages me to contact her through the messaging app anytime. I cannot thank her enough and look forward to our continued health journey!"

Megan S. (Facebook)

"I started working with Casey to get my diet back on track. While I am a pretty healthy eater and I love to exercise, I wasn't feeling my best. Casey has taught me so much! From bringing back fruit to my diet to concentrating on eating whole foods and lots of veggies, I honestly feel the best I've felt in a long time. I even went to the beach with my family and was able to continue to eat a well balanced diet and came back still feeling great. One of the things that I have figured out is that it just takes some planning and Casey is there every step of the way. She is so responsive when I have questions, doesn't put pressure of me, and wants you to feel your best in whatever way possible. And I love her guidance on the supplements. So easy to order and they have made a difference. I truly feel like Casey cares about her clients and forms a relationship with all of them. She is a wonderful health and wellness coach and I am so glad to have connected with her. I have recommended her to several of my friends as well!"

Missy T. (Facebook)

"Casey is incredible and has been the perfect addition to my medical team! She is a wealth of knowledge, a listening ear, and a guiding light. I have been working with Casey since August 2017- during my most challenging and complex medical situations to date. Casey's approach is calm, methodical, supportive, encouraging, and evidence based. She loves to teach and is quick to share insights, data, and best practices. I look forward to our weekly video chats and value her guidance. Her nutrition and supplement recommendations have simplified my life and the resources she has shared have made positive impacts on my mental and emotional health, as well. I highly recommend Theory Health to anyone who wants to practice a healthy lifestyle, but especially to those who are dealing with chronic illness."

Ashley L. (Yelp)